High Pressure Hydraulic Metering Pump

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High Pressure, High Volume Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump JYT

Capacity range 180-10000lph, 10-400bar

JYT series hydraulic metering pumps are excellent and reliable chemical feeding dosing pumps with rugged construction design. The gear chamber is separated from the hydraulic chamber. The three automatic valves (internal relief valve, oil make-up valve, position limit valve) grantee the pump work safely even under the maximum pressure. Double PTFE diaphragm with the integrated diaphragm rupture leakage detection system is available to ensure precise dosing for corrosive, vapor, flammable, explosive or toxic solutions.


Features of SHINJO Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump:

Shinjo hydraulic diaphragm metering pump consists of three main devices: (1) driving device, (2) adjusting device, (3) liquid delivery device. The crankshaft which reduces motor rotation speed by worm and worm gear makes the piston reciprocate in the hydraulic oil chamber. This reciprocating movement of the piston makes the PTFE diaphragm and the liquid which is isolated by the diaphragm sucked and discharged. Each pump is with internal pressure relief valve protecting the pump from overpressure conditions.

The flow rate can be adjusted via unique adjusting mechanism from 0-100%. The adjustment can be carried when the pump is in operation or at stop. The steady-state accuracy is ±1% from 30%-100% of the maximum output. Automatic operation is achieved by variable speed drive.

SHINJO hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are capable of dosing corrosive, vapor, flammable, explosive or toxic solutions. It can also transport suspended liquid or moderately viscous liquid.

Double diaphragm with diaphragm rupture detecting system is available to prevent the accident caused by the mixture of hydraulic oil and the liquid after diaphragm ruptures.



1. Pump head: SS304,SS316

2. Pump case: Cast iron

3. Diaphragm: PTFE

4. Valves: SS304, SS316

5. Valve ball: SS304, SS316, ceramic


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