Bio Degradable Air Power Air Pillow Cushion Packaging Film Roll 200mm

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50.00 USD

Model: AP400

Power: 180W

Voltage: 110V/220V

Speed: 7-15 meters/min

Weight: 6KG


Model: MA400

Power: 160W

Voltage: 110V/220V

Speed: 5 meters/min

Weight: 4.5KG


Certification: CE, ROHS, IOS, etc

Application: Air Cushion Films:

    Pillows: 200mm 

    Bubbles: 400mm, 600mm

    Tubes: 400mm, 600mm


Sizes available: 

Air Pillows: 20x7cm, 20x10cm, 20x11cm, 20x13cm, 20x15cm, 20x20cm, etc

Air Bubbles: 40x25cm, 40x33cm, 60x33cm, etc

Air tube: 40x15cm, 40x23cm, 40x32cm, etc


thickness: 15miron - 40 micron

Customizing printing and sizing. 

Bio degradable and ESD Anti-static films available




1. ODM service available: based on your price and functions requirement, we can develop your special machine models; 


2. OEM service available: we do not close the door of OEM your brand. 


3. Customizing printings and designs of film sizes and colors; 


4. Bio-degradable films and anti-static ESD films available; 


5. contact our marketing director: ben.hsiao(AT)


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