Oem / Odm Air Power Air Cushion Machine

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AIR POWER,specializing in protective packaging equipment and materials with professinal team of R&D,manufacturing,marketing and service,we aim to providing the most advanced protective packaging materials and equipment products and professional packaging solutions by international advanced technology and innovations.                                                                                            

By excellent service,efficient equipment,high quality products,our sales network reaches in more than 60countries all over Europe,southeast Asia,north and south America,middle east,etc.We provide protective packaging proucts and solutions for thousands of clients all over the world with excellent reputation.   


Airpower ,  em Power Your Packing!   



Model: AP400

Power: 180W

Voltage: 110V/220V

Speed: 7-15 meters/min

Weight: 6KG


Model: MA400

Power: 160W

Voltage: 110V/220V

Speed: 5 meters/min

Weight: 4.5KG


Certification: CE, ROHS, IOS, etc

Application: Air Cushion Films:

    Pillows: 200mm 

    Bubbles: 400mm, 600mm

    Tubes: 400mm, 600mm


Sizes available: 

Air Pillows: 20x7cm, 20x10cm, 20x11cm, 20x13cm, 20x15cm, 20x20cm, etc

Air Bubbles: 40x25cm, 40x33cm, 60x33cm, etc

Air tube: 40x15cm, 40x23cm, 40x32cm, etc


thickness: 15miron - 40 micron

Customizing printing and sizing. 

Bio degradable and ESD Anti-static films available




1. ODM service available: based on your price and functions requirement, we can develop your special machine models; 


2. OEM service available: we do not close the door of OEM your brand. 


3. Customizing printings and designs of film sizes and colors; 


4. Bio-degradable films and anti-static ESD films available; 


5. contact our marketing director: ben.hsiao(AT)airpowerpak.com


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